Competing pegged currencies - bitUSD


The NBT peg is clearly much tighter than the BitUSD peg. I believe this is because NBT relies on people/pools to maintain it, while the latter depends on market forces that are less reliable.

In essence, the new v2.0 “SmartCoin” BitUSD is completely overhauled from the earlier version. I think it has a stronger lower bound, but the upper bound is not as tightly enforced. We’ll have to wait and see how well it works in the real world.

EDIT: I think more official documentation is likely still to come. I’m not a BTS delegate anymore, and I have the same information as the rest of you. We’re all in the same boat. :smile:


Any reason you could disclose? I am curious :smiley:


Yes, it was due to the time commitment required by the dev work I was doing. See,16536.msg233081.html#msg233081


They aren’t doing bad today, only a 1% spread. Comparable to our peg.


Much better than in the past, but still worse than the NBT peg

I wonder what happens if the daily volume is on NBT’s level


I beg to differ. If we throw out all history and pretend that right now is the first day BitUSD has begun, it is offering a $1.035 price with a 0.5% offset. Of course, that’s only on a single pair and for less than 1 day, but it’s still impressive compared to how it was in Bitshares 1.0.




Bitusd has kept a pretty good peg on ccedk for about a week now. They have seen literally no volume since that first day. Goes to show, liquidity does not necessarily guarantee trade volume with pegged Cryptos.


It says 1.04 in cmc…Not bad but still way below NuBits: $ 0.995323


First of all, a cmc price means nothing if there is 0 volume. Secondly, just check out ccedk directly to see the bitusd sell walls at $1.04. They still don’t have trade volume.


True. At CCEDK, you have a decent buy wall at 1.00 but no volume.
However, as long as there is no volume, we cannot say definitively that they bought back at 1.00.

Some 20usd or so volume at BTER


Their issue isn’t the buyback, it’s keeping the price down near $1 instead of $1.2. On bter, that 20 bitusd is actually the price of btc. That’s my order for buying bitusd with btc at a price of $20/btc. I’ve had that order up there for almost 2 weeks now, no one’s buying it.


I thought most bitUSD happens in their internal exchange , not on open markets. Isn’t it the case anymore with 2.0?


I’m continually stunned by the marketing approach of BitShares. New this week:

Because nothing says “smart and effective tagline” like the only bolded word being a qualifying phrase with two asterisks.

On a more serious note, does anyone know where BitUSD went on I like to monitor our competitors as a matter of best practice but haven’t seen it listed for a few weeks. I can’t find any mention of it on

I’m having a hard time finding the bid and ask volume though, all I see is the price feed and the collateral statistics. It appears there’s only $110k bitUSD in existence.


no data in cmc recently.


Poloniex added bitUSD and bitCNY. Showdown on Poloniex is on.


So far there is only a very thin liquidity


You can currently sell BitUSD for $1.07 on Poloniex. Not with terribly large volume, but the order book is pretty thin. I sent a request to CMC to add the market.


So when do we see the bitUSD/NBT market?