Cointoolkit FLOT guide and changelog

Isn’t it possible to create a transaction with the Tx id of the total transfer? So we transferred roughly 1300 BKS at a time to the address can’t we use that Tx id to craft a transaction to transfer 1300 BKS again?

Edit: @sigmike could you help us out?

Every input has to include the txid and the output position “n”. No way around that.
It takes memory, a browser isn’t exactly the best place to do that kind of computing.

Have you tried the official client? It should be able to handle it more easily.

If the previous outputs are already split in 1 BKS outputs you can’t change that indeed and a transaction that would use 1300 inputs would be quite big.

The 1 BKS split can be prevented beforehand when the shares are sent by having for example splitshareoutputs=1000000 in the config of the sender. Share that are not going to be used to mint should probably be sent that way.

But to solve your immediate problem I think the easiest would be to use the listunspent RPC on the official client to get the list of unspent outputs of the address, and use a script to convert that to a list of inputs that you could pass to createrawtransaction. The script would select unspent inputs until the desired amount is reached. You would need to know the total amount selected so that you can include the right amount of change. Actually the script could do all that and just return the generated transaction.

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We used to use @dysconnect’s script to sign BTC multisig tx before we had cointoolkit. Maybe that script can be adapted for this?

Have anyone tried the official client?

I’m not to familiar with using RPC commands could you explain how to do it and how to make such a script?

this is the multisig commandline tool @dysconnect made for flot to sign tx

see this thread FLOT Operations Thread for help. sorry i couldn’t help more as my bce client is down .

Yeah the fee calculation might not be good enough but it can be adapted for BKS. I plan to work on it but can’t do anything for a couple of days.

If I’m not mistaken, listunspent in the official client only gives outputs that can be spent by the client, so doesn’t work for multisig addresses