Cointoolkit FLOT guide and changelog

Added @dysconnect, @masterOfDisaster and @jooize flot-operations repositories to Cointoolkit.

You can configure Cointoolkit to use these providers under “Unspent outputs” configuration in the Settings tab

Please note dysconect’s git-multisig currently only support FLOT NBT addresses, so right now these three providers only store data for FLOT NBT address BqyRzFtWXDmjxrYpyJD42MLE5xc8FrB4js. It is still a great backup for urgent FLOT transaction crafting.

Also added script debugging:

and signature position data:

while verifying transactions. Hope that helps with future troubles.


Feature request: a “current signings” page that lists multisig signings that are not completed (and maybe a history of recent completed ones.) With this FLOT member don’t have to go to to click on links to sign incomplete signings. With each signing a remark can be made by the signer to put reason and e.g. URLs to posts.

I think that may be counter-productive. There is risk someone signs that listed signings only because they are there. Any signing requires from FLOT to manually check and verify what and why they are signing it.

Maybe a better approach for that is using a wiki like in the voting hotlist so we can add and remove links to the signing requests on demand, state the reasons why it should be signed with link to the sources, the motions requiring us to do so…

If all required number of FLOT members do this there is little hope they will do their due deligence from a forum post or an email/bitmessage

How about allowing other allowed signers to add remarks even if they don’t sign

That adds a storage layer, identification layer, moderation, etc. That kind of changes would add the risk of attacks such as code injection, and that is a huge trade off.

Cointoolkit is designed so you don’t have to trust me or anyone else. Known identities are the exception because they are hardcoded and easy to audit and crosscheck.

Honestly I don’t see the advantages over a forum wiki with links.

I agree it would not be easy to make a secure off-line page. I was thinking of a convenience tool for online signing. could be taken down by ddos or maybe other ways.

I agree, and that affects way more than signing requests. I think the forum is protected by CloudFare, but that is definitely not a complete solution to attacks.

The ideal solution would be to have something like a bitmessage mailing list, but that opens whole new problems to overcome, like who is authorized to send, what happens if that people is unavailable… And in case it is open, how stop that from becoming a spammy list.

Anyway I think that creating a “contingency plan” for Nu in case something goes wrong is yet a pending task.

A private chatroom/discuss board known only to the FLOTand devs might be good at least for a while.

@ttutdxh: It would be neat if you made Cointoolkit order addresses lexicographically automatically (but allow manual ordering of course).

I wish the new address page can output new addresses in a contunuous text block so I can copy-paste the 4 lines of “xx addres yyyy…” block in one go (to make my oen record)

@jooize check it out :wink: now with drag and drop!

@mhps if you really need to do that there is hacky way to do it. Open the javascript console in your browser (F12 on Chrome) then paste coinjs.newKeys(), press enter. There you go.


Dayme, fancy! :grinning:

Is there a way to save a link to Cointoolkit, that includes a redeem script and automatically loads that.
I have something like

for NBT and

for BTC in mind.
That could make using it from mobile phone more convenient (and reliable?).

We had similar thoughts apparently today. I’ve asked Matthew whether it is feasible to integrate the multisig functionality as offered in cointoolkit within NuDroid. I think that would be great functionality if feasible and not too complicated. Will let you know when I’ve had a response. The user interface may proof the hard part though.

Yes you can:

You have to use the address query, I didn’t document it.

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Great! Thank you!
I will create some bookmarks :wink:

Even better, also redirect to HTTPS automatically. A friend told me that’s possible with JavaScript.

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It would be convenience to have a broadcast button on the verify page.

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@jooize, redirection to https forced now.

@mhps button added.

@FLOT members, the floating point issue on the fee calculation is now fixed.


Thank you very much!