Coinomi send tx stuck

Maybe that 1 cent has to work for the interim period… Question is: What happens if the TX fee keeps rising further?

If the fee is continuously changing every block (e.g. a moving average) then the valid fee has to be within a tolerance range (e.g. 0.00214586 +/- 0.00000100 ) or the fee paid at GUI inputing time or broadcasting time might be outdated by the time the tx is processed by a node. I don’t remember there is a tolerance parameter defined.

You can’t just use the getinfo RPC command? That’s what I did in my nuauction code.


I could provide the information via a server, but it would be better to have the app calculate the fee itself. It would have to follow the same algorithm as the main client.

Got an email from CTO of coinomi, they’re gonna release a hot-fix soon.

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So. Should we revert to 0.01 or leave it as it is at 0.02?

I’m still voting 0.05 nbt and 10 NSR. I’m still not convinced this could have been done in a better way.

So the solution for any party using nubits is to automatically adjust…

Nu 2.0 which contained the code was a mandatory update. People were given time and notice. We can give them more time and more notice, but how much is enough? How do we know when we’re ‘allowed’ to raise the fees?

I agree. If they do not, this is because they do not care enough. What abouy nudroid?

If we want to use this as a warning shot so everyone running a hot NBT wallet has a few days to realize there’s an issue then switching back down so Txns go through and wallets aren’t all messed up and stuff, we can do that. We are most likely in the process of doing that anyway with the datafeeds switched over.

what do u mean?

you and cybnate are both voting 0.01 on the datafeed right?

I have reverted to 0.01 from 0.02. But I am not sure if it is meaningful.

yes, no good to go back and forth. we made a choice, now we should support that choice.

Hi all, I pushed a quick fix for the Coinomi wallet to fix the fee issue. If you have any stuck transactions fresh the wallet, you would need to resend the transaction (if it is still stuck in the mempool, send us a message).

Eventually we will add dynamic and user configurable fees to avoid those kind of issues.

Sorry for the stress this caused you.


How much work do you estimate it will take to implement a behavior that automatically takes the tx fee set by the network?

Thank you for pushing a quick fix! Users will appreciate it.

This might sound very demanding, but as variable fees are a part of Nu I think it isn’t optional to have them properly handled by any wallet or accounting system - either on exchanges or mobile devices.
Burdening users with adjusting them manually is no solution, rather a more or less feasible workaround depending on the awareness and skill level of the user.

Exchanges that can’t handle dynamic tx fees automatically and reliably would do better to delist NBT. If they just use the standard wallet, they should be in a nice position.

It’s probably a week worth of work. The idea is to add the minimum required fee and the recommended fee (useful in congested networks like btc).

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Most exchanges that I know use the default Nu wallet.

Regarding the manual fees it is something that has been asked by some users and could be useful in some situations.