Coinerella API for ALL trustless liquidity pools

This project has been split from the NuPool brand and is rebranded to

I decided that it’s best for the site’s future development, as I don’t want to burden the NuPool operation with the upcoming costs.

The current URL “” will be shut down on January 5th, 2016.
In the mean time both URLs work fine, but I advise everyone to point their software relying on this feed to the domain.



Please note, that ?liquidity info is currently only available on

The server is not running nud, so the data shown there is outdated.

I’ll reconsider adding nud to the HA structure when I investigated the performance improvements 2.1.0 brings.

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?liquidity command updated


available on raw.coinerella as well for testing purposes.

Added timestamp to ?liquidity.

I will record the liquidity from now on with every block.

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Please use from now on.