CCEDK closing trading - alternatives?

Most definitely Yes, say they start trading at 10$ in an illiquid market, I can guarantee you
that you will be able to sell lots when offered at a discount like 8$.

Besides that point how do you envision this happening? Nu buying up BKS on the open market and then putting them up for sale in a parametric order book of some sorts? Why would Nushareholders want this, I’d imagine they rather have Nu buy up NSR instead of BKS.

With BCE operational, a BKS/NBT trading pair will be likely.
So sooner or later Nu will receive BKS if those pairs are provided with liquidity by Nu.
Including them in a reserve might make sense.
Having a liquid market besides BCE wouldn’t hurt - and it wouldn’t hurt to have a liquid BKS market before, if the NuSafe collateral were ever to be traded in a short period of time; illiquid market means weak sell and weak buy side.

The problem with providing liquidity on a pair that is hardly traded anywhere means we have no price feed. And thus us providing liquidity will prevent normal market functioning and price discovery. I’m convinced that B&C will by far become the largest BKS market (and most likely largest NSR market aswell) and feel we shouldn’t impair price discovery by putting up walls on either side.

Nu shouldn’t become a market maker for pairs that make little sense pegging NBT to. I even feel that if we start seeing decent volume we should lower our liquidity operations on the BTC/NBT pair, if there is enough volume then liquidity will be provided by the market itself. We just need to make sure there are places people can buy Nubits from (aka other exchanges or preferably a direct fiat terminal).

I’m ready to sell 179 BKS. Anyone interested?

How about for a rate of 0.01400000 BTC? That was the last price on CCEDK.