Buy/Sell NuBits with a bank transfer

I was considering the entry barrier to using NuBits, and if I would like to buy NBT right now, I would have to know and use BTC or another crypto.

Why can’t I skip that part?

I am ready to take SEPA bank transfers from any part of Europe and send NuBits same working day. If anyone is interested in doing escrow, please come forward.

Any thoughts/suggestions?

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mmm we used to have the option, but I am not sure how that ended

Well, right now that method seems unavailable

Seems like they do not work with any of the exchanges where Nu has liquidity on.

@woolly_sammoth was the “exchange” in that case. Dunno how it turned out though.

You can check out and buy NBT with fiat (EUR/USD if I recall correctly.)

Yes, but then I would have to register, make a deposit request, make the actual trade, withdraw, etc.
My point is that there is market for this kind of transactions that we might be ignoring, just look at , btce volume is similar to localbitcoin’s

Just to be clear, I know and use CCEDK among others, but I find it too difficult and even “technical” for a newcomer. I would like to see Nu as something that you do not need to explain to someone new to crypto. Something like you send USD, you get the same money in that App, and you are done and can use it.

I think a quick, easy and decentralized way to overcome this would be Openbazaar.

Can’t wait to see it fully operational.

Bittylicious is still operational, it just needs some funds added to it.
I had funds there for several months and only ever had two purchasers. I then needed the funds elsewhere so removed them from the site.
I have 150 NBT available now and will have more in the coming days. If you are interested @ttutdxh, I can fund the Bittylicious account and let you make the purchase there?

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Thank you, but I do not want to make a purchase, I am offering myself to sell NuBits given that there is so little options for buying NBT directly.

Ah, I misunderstood.

If you have NuBits to sell you could register as a seller on Bittylicious. That way we can keep some balance on the site and hopefully drive business towards the service.

We could reward ttutdxh (can I call you tut?) for being a seller and pay something like 1 kNBT/year for 1 kNBT sell side liquidity for 6 months?

Can’t you transfer money by SEPA/Swift/bank transfer to CCEDK and buy NBT w/o going through BTC?

How about what I suggested here


Method 3…

I think this is a great idea. I was thinking about it last night. Plenty of exchanges accept a number of e payment solutions.

Wish we could get around the paypal conundrum though. That would open it up to the US pop at large.

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