BKS Price Watcher Thread

BKS is up to $6.54 with $2000 in daily volume today. Looks like the upcoming release of v 4.0 is generating more interest for B&C Exchange.


And maybe the possibility of a new hire as well.


@ronny, what is happening on that order book?

6.25 in the sell book and 6.50 in the buy book don’t meet?!

@ronny i cant get to the bks orderbook anymore. I reported it to support.

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Looks like they are not finished with the conversion from NBT to US-NBT.

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I noticed today that CCEDK’s US-NBT switch seems to have broken our BKS listing on coinmarketcap.com. I’ve notified CMC of the issue.


If CMC changes NBT to US-NBT could it break all listings on other exchanges?

They already did, so no?