announced we will no longer include NBT sep 1st 2015

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Hello, Bitcoiners!

Within this post, would like to announce to our members that starting from September 15th, 2015, we will no longer include SHADOWCASH, CRAVE, PAYCOIN and NUBITS into our system. This decision was made based upon these following reasons:
1.The trading volume of those altcoins within one month does not reach 1 BTC ;
2.These coins are not listed in the Top 20 Most Popular Coins in Crypto-Currency Market Capitalizations (;
3.We are not yet sure regarding their concepts and how their technology will grow in the future.

For those who trade these altcoins in our marketplace, please know that:
•Starting September 1st 2015, every deposit made to those altcoins addresses will not be executed.
•You are advised to withdraw your altcoin balance from to your own wallet before December 31st, 2015. Rest assure, your altcoin balance is still safely stored in our system but it is best for you to withdraw it to your own wallet before December 31st 2015.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Should you require any kind of assistance, please contact us directly by sending an e-mail to Our team will be more than glad to help.

Best regards,

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