B&C signer voting watch

Where is the 3:1 advantage coming from?

If you only vote for youself(only your one address on reputeation list), then you cast 3 votes for youself every block automatically.

If others don’t do this and vote for themselves once and other people, then every block you find gives you 3 votes and every block they find gives them one vote. if you have the same number of shares you get 3 times vote.

If they don’t vote for themselves, only vote for others, they will get zero vote. So it’s fair.

And any person with IQ>80 can understand that when they vote for others, themselves get less.

I am voting for 3 persons now, and will quit signers team if more applicants come. Being a signer is not an easy&comfortable duty.

Looks like Phoenix has an unhealthy amount of control over the BC network as well, and has voted himself the most positive reputation as the top signer on the network. I believe BCExchange will fail at convincing the public it even qualifies as a “Decentralized Exchange” due to this. What a waste of a couple great ideas.

So I and @Dhume should try to help each other to become top signers?

Drastic measures like hard forking the network and banning BKS that voted for JL.

Some people who aren’t JL but voted for him, well, they should come forward to get their BKS back. Or not - because the new chain is not really bound to the terms of the old chain. The goal is to minimize the influence of JL.

The recent ETH/ETC fiasco makes me less hesitant to consider forking. Given the massive Bitfinex hack it would have been a golden chance to launch BCE.

The community and all development should then move to the new chain.

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I swear Phoenix is like the virus form of Agent Smith from The Matrix and is infecting our network. The fact that he has attained the top signer position is startling. I would never deposit money and trade with B&C Exchange as long as he is one of the top 3 signers. No one will take B&C seriously. We have only one choice here. We need to remove him completely as an influence in the B&C network before we can have a chance of gaining any kind of credibility.

Forking is mentioned above. What about what @masterOfDisaster suggested before when we were having our upgrade problems? If we still own a majority of BlockShares in comparison to what Phoenix holds, we could all vote to print a lot more BlockShares and then distribute them to all the shareholders who didn’t vote for Phoenix, effectively reducing his control over our network to a minimum.


i really like the idea of diluting the shares to eliminate phoenix, unfortunately it cannot be done on NSR, effectively that’s what he’s doing there at the moment.

Nu is lost to us. Maybe there is a chance to save B&C by diluting his shares and those who support him before he has a chance to attain complete control over the network. If he remains as a top signer, you can guarantee there will be some kind of accident like fund loss in the future which causes a crisis situation like we are experiencing right now with Nu where he can take advantage of it and take complete control. We need to preempt him if it’s not too late.


Also, I wanted to apologize for being busy lately. I just now finally got to setting up my reputation voting. You now have 1,930 more BlockShares voting for the top 3 signers, excluding Phoenix. :slight_smile:

I added in the 3 addresses, but I need to know if I’m supposed to add in weights. Right now they all say zero. If I were to use them, what would I need to enter and how do they work? I understand above that I only get 3 votes per block and if I were to vote for only 1 signer all 3 votes would go to that one person, however I’m not too clear on how weighting works and what numbers I would need to input.

Zero means they will never be selected when you find a block, so it’s not what you want. You should set all the weights to the same positive value if you want to vote equally for all of them on average (for example 1 or 10).

If you set different weights then when you find a block the signer will be selected randomly in proportion to their weight. For example if you set signer A a weight of 3, and signers B and C a weight of 1, then there are 3 times more chances that signer A will be selected for each of your allowed votes. That means on average you’ll vote 60% for A (3/5), 20% for B (1/5) and 20% for C (1/5).

Is zero the default value? If so we should change that to 1.

We can have 15 reputed signers, will JL have 14 famous forum ID?

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A rogue signer even if it is the top signer should not compromise the security of the network so i do not understand your fear here.

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From the customer’s point of view, if all the signers like & know each other, custmers will fear the collusion possibility, but if signers dislike each other and beware of each other, compete with each other, that’s a good news for customers.

What if…
…JordanLee introduces another sybil successfully as signer and this one together with Phoenix is in a 2 of 3 group?

PoS is only secure, if shares are sufficiently wide distributed.

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Yes i agree but there is no way to know if it is well distributed or not.

I don’t believe the distribution when you build a company on internet, even one person has 51% share or minting power, that’s ok as long as that person leads us to success, just like real company in real world.

This is very different from the “crypto asset” such as BTC PPC, totally different.

Simulating a company vs simulating gold is totally different.


Even if decentralization was irrelevant with DAO’s there is no reason to trust Phoenix will lead to success. Quite the opposite, in fact. Didn’t you at one point advocate “firing JL”? Now you think he is a good fit for the team and his control of the network is no problem? My god, what did he say to you when he sold you the cheap BKS?

I just noticed the Reputed signer reward was raised 1000% to 0.01 BKS per block. lol I’m pretty sure Peershares owners are just being trolled at this point. There isn’t even anything to sign yet! Who actually will come forward and support this?

I said a good leader is OK, but I don’t believe Jordan is good leader. E.g. I am fine with sigmike as good leader with 30% share.

Being a successful big company is amazing, but being a small successful business is not bad. There are many small shops run by couples. so I am ok with only 100 BKS shareholder and B&C is a small successful exchange.

Block chain can be used to simulate gold, but simulating a company is more exciting, and we should not apply the BTC rule to the new innovation: block chain based company.