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You are taking things out of context. There is no proof for that allegation although it doesn’t look good indeed.

I am not taking anything out of context. In fact, I do take the context into account and you don’t. The blockchain space is different. It allows for thefts to happen without ever being proven with regards to the potential perpetrator. We should approach such occurrences differently in the future. If someone holds funds and also holds a chief position, he or she is responsible whenever funds get stolen. Even more, he or she automatically stole the funds. Why? Because there are plenty of easy options to prevent easy thefts from happening. I as a shareholder do not care who actually stole the funds. They are gone, that’s all I need to know. And who is going to compensate for that? That’s all I want to know. I am not interested in who @Phoenix actually is. I just want the dev fund to be where it belongs.
@phoenix killed multisig. And then he stole the dev fund. As if it would matter to anyone seeing the whole investment evaporate whether @phoenix himself stole it or lost it because of stupidity… my god…

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That’s it. Nothing more. You imply things nobody can know except for @Phoenix . The funds have been stolen, that’s it.

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@jooize this is what I can call a “mistake” that we can all live with. What about @phoenix’ and your mistakes? Should we live with them the same way that we live with the mistake from @cybnate? Getting a post order mixed up or something like that? I mean, @Phoenix only “lost control” over the whole development fund of B&C shareholders. How can that be called “a mistake”? Are you nuts you motherfucker?

Relevant portion.

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From zero to hero!

I believe @Phoenix needs to be held accountable for his mistakes in handling funds for both B&C and Nu as FLOT as been held accountable for losing the peg, if indeed he lost the funds. Therefore,
I d support a motion that drastically reduce his role in liquidity operations if we can manage a smooth transition . Of course we need to discuss it with him.
We need to improve drastically the way Nu is managed.

It is insane how thefts are being dealt with by those in charge for this project.

@jooize: “Hey people, we just wanted to inform you that @Phoenix lost control of all B&C shareholder funds. Therefore, the dev fund is now zero. We understand this is really sad but mistakes can happen wherever human beings are involved. We regret the situation and hope to do better in the future. Thanks for your understanding.”

Then I come up and call you motherfuckers and my post gets hidden. The real insult is actually the way @jooize approaches this because it demonstrates how disrespectful he is towards people who invest their hard earned money into projects like B&C. Large losses as well as small losses must have consequences. @jooize do you really think that all these financial losses you and @Phoenix cause can be settled by calling them “mistakes”?

You are talking about my wording and I talk about the B&C dev fund being zero and I talk about legit questions like how much you are earning. Are you getting it? You are a ridiculous piece of shit.

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There were now at least three thefts. Multisig established after the first theft? No! Multisig established after the second theft? No! Multisig established after the third theft? No!
You call all these events mistakes. I call them deliberate actions and you support it because you are cashing in on a monthly basis at the cost of those who don’t fully understand what is going on here.