[ANN] NuLagoon Tube's Offset to 5%, and NuLagoon's Commitment to NuBits's Liquidity

OK. Let us do your first option. You will have your BTC withdrawal as long as FLOT proceed the TX with Tube.

@masterOfDisaster, please proceed the TX with Tube. Thank you.

BTC withdrawal successfully went through by TX:


Thank you for investing in NuLagoon Pools. See you later.

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We just temporarily set NuLagoon’s Tube Offset to ±0.5%.

We will tighten the spread in future is possible, and keep offering best spread among exchanges.



NuLagoon’s Tube Offset was temporarily set to ±5%.
The spread will lower as long as further actions are taken by NuShareholders.

Please see:

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