[ANN] Nu Lagoon Pool C and Pool D Now Begin Operation, NAV of Pool A and D Reach A Record High

Accounting report of Pool A, C and D @ 20150702 was published.


The annual interest rate of Pool C continue to rise to 24.2% because funds of Pool C and Pool D are unbalanced.

Another 1 Bonus Was Claimed And Sent, Remaining 16 Bonus


Interesting to note that the NAV is gradually rising.
It means that liquidity provision via Nu Lagoon is profitable.
Nice job.

of course it is profitable!
nice job, as always Henry!

Accounting report of Pool A, C and D @ 20150709 was published.


The annual interest rate of Pool C continue to rise to 26.62% because funds of Pool C and Pool D are unbalanced.


I am blown away by the interface you designed to display the stats and the NAV is still rising.
Very impressive.
Tks for your hard work.


I appreciate and like this transparency:

Risks of investing in Nu Lagoon liquidity pools includes but not limits to:

Volatility risk of BTC price against USD (Pool A and Pool D)
Default risk of exchanges which the pool operating on. (Poloniex.com, Bitcoin.co.id)
Default risk of the Nu Lagoon manage team. (fail to manage pool according to the terms)
Default risk of the Nu Shareholders.(fail to grant custodian fee according to the terms)
Risk that the Nu Shareholders modify contract terms between they and Nu Lagoon by passing a motion.
Risk that Nubits fail to peg at 1 US Dollar.
Risk that NuBot malfuction.

2015-07-16 COB completed.
Pool A 1.25507 +0.03629 (+2.98%) Pool C 1.11597 +0.00504 (+0.45%) Pool D 1.34729 +0.05099 (+3.93%)


Congratulations to Pool user: BQuQX8BiXofvLf4Jn7i1iyjQJbV8iPBDaU. His profit is more than 1000 NBT now.

The interest rate of Pool C rises to 29.282%

The table shows present investors and the profits they earned.

The chart shows past performance of the pools

More info could be found at [url=http://nulagoon.com/]http://nulagoon.com/[/url]
Thank you.


It seems that the NAVs are not affected negatively by the huge recent volatility of BTC.
On the contrary, the NAV is growing up.
Any reason for that?

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amazing job Henry and insane profitability!

It’s been some time since I last visited http://nulagoon.com/
To be honest it was the time when nulagoon was just started.
I was overwhelmed when I looked at it again.
The site looks amazing and very professional.
So not only the nulagoon itself, but the appearance are great.
Thumbs up for your efforts, @henry!

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That is because the BTC price rose, overall, in last several accounting days.

To give a very rough estimation about the case that NAV decreases, if about half of the fund in the pool is stay on BTC.

  • For Pool A, the custodian fee earned for a week is about 1.68%. So if BTC price drop over 3.36% in a week, there will be a loss for NAV C.

  • For Pool C, NAV will never decrease, if no default event occurs.

  • For Pool D, the size of Pool D is about 2 times of the size of Pool C. the custodian fee pool C and D earned for a week is about 1.68%. If BTC price drop over 3% in a week, there will be a loss for NAV D.


That’s impressive - how much money did that user put?

about 4000 nbt

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if i calculated correclty, this specific investment is almost 4 months old now !


Henry, is it possible to process the withdraws more often than once per week?
i think the deposits are automatically take part in the pool?

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We have received many suggestions about how to improve the operation of Nu Lagoon recently. They mainly focus on two aspects:

  1. increase the frequency of accounting. Withdraw can only happen after the accounting is done.
  2. lower the minimum limit of fund deposit.

We are assessing these potential improvements now. There is no doubt that we will keep improving Nu Lagoon.
Thank you.

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By the way, where can you check the liquidity provided by each pool in real time?
Something like http://eu.nupool.net/status would be great.
(sorry if I am asking a question that was already dealt with.)

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The total volume of the pools per accounting day can be found here: http://nulagoon.com/data.html
The amount of money in the different tiers might change between the accounting days according to

I agree that a real time status would be nice.

Can we get NuLagoon up on here by any chance?

The script is tailor made for the json responses of tllp servers. I never looked much into NuLagoon, so the data.html mOD posted doesn’t really help me.