100% NBT reserve and elastic NSR supply


I remember Jordan has parked 150,000NBT which belongs to B&C developement, so if NBT fails in pegging, B&C will lose this money and may not complete the develope.

In this situation, do you believe eleven will accept NBT as salary?


OK, Nu has nearly 700,000$ debts and 36,000$ asset. Well done guys, some people has earned 664,000$ from Nu after 1.5 years operation.

Then, B&C has sufficient fund to finish?


At the moment he could trade them for an uplift of 5%. We can hope this improves again.
Volatility of BTC has recently been bigger than this uplift.

A part of it was used for expenses like (this list isn’t complete)

  • liquidity operations
  • development

A part of it was paid to shareholders through

  • dividends (PPC, BKS; BKS, because Nu could have sold BKS instead of distributing them to shareholders)
  • buybacks

Running a business without expenses is hardly possible.
Startups are often deep in the red - until they evantually succeed or fail.

The liquidity provision has been identified as significant expense and provides room for improvement.
My experience from January this year made me write this analysis/proposal: