[Withdrawn] Pay to List BKS at SouthXchange

BlockShares can be listed within weeks if shareholder approve paying for votes to reach third place of the weekly three assets that are listed by SouthXchange.

It appears that around 1,000 votes should suffice. Possibly less. This motion approves spending from B&C Exchange funds for third place in the list using up to 15,000 USD. One vote costs 0.001 BTC. Votes are permanent and do not reset every week.


This initiative is great. I am not sure if 15k USD is cheap or not though. But we need to create liquidity. So. Tks @jooize .

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I believe that is too much for just a listing. Who is benefiting from this? It is highly speculative and low volume.
Those who are keen to trade can as well trade on the forum. Please spend the 15k on a developer, much better value for any holders at this stage.


no need to do this.

Motion withdrawn. Payment of the minimal amount was directly approved by Phoenix.