Short guide to minting and voting for shareholders

Due to the recent addition of NuShare holders I sent the following out via Bitmessage but thought it would be useful to place here as well:

Minting is prohibited by protocol within 7 days after NuShares have been transferred or used to mint a block. After this 7 day period has passed, the chances of an output minting is controlled by the size of the output. Your chances of minting do not improve over time. Your block reward will be 40 NSR in all cases.

There is a 10,000 NSR minimum ouput size required to be eligible to mint. When NSR transactions are sent, by default they are split into outputs of 10,000 each. All of the NuShares you purchased were sent to your requested addresses in outputs of 10,000 each.

What all this means is that:

  1. There is no reason to mint during the first seven days after you receive NuShares.
  2. To maximize the influence of your voting and gain the largest amount of NuShares as block rewards, you need to mint constantly. If you only unlock your wallet for minting half the time, you will only get slightly more than half as many blocks and votes as if you were minting constantly.
  3. Presently it will take an average of 5 weeks of minting attempts for an output of size 10,000 to find a block. This will go up as additional NuShares are distributed.
  4. At the present difficulty level, you will receive about an 8% annualized return in NuShares as block rewards by minting constantly. It pays to mint and vote.

Be sure to configure your vote for custodial grants, interest rates and motions before minting. When a block is found, your vote is recorded in the blockchain and will effect the network. The vote configuration is stored in the wallet, so if you switch wallets be sure to reconfigure your vote.

Offering a diversity of data feeds to automatically configure your vote is a high priority for us, but for now you need to be diligent in adjusting your vote configuration manually.


Thank you, Jordan, for this wealth of information.

For those interested in discussing the recommended parking interest rates, see also the Park Rates category of these forums.

This is the message I got although I am not a shareholder yet.