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I wonder how this deiffer from the Bitshares x process?

And what if the auction winner/s hoarded the Coins or offered them for higher prices than expected?
after burning their Shares their is no clear incentive to care about the peg. the protocol then will have to offer a new auction with new unneeded Coins which can harm the sustainability later, right?

It is clearly much decentralized and cost effective than the Reserve and LPC scheme, but i wonder if it is flawless !

The auctioning off is not a perfect solution and maybe it should live together with other solutions and only applied when appropriate, but I like the decentralised and cost effective part of it. But we are digressing…

Nubits need more attention. It doesn’t matter if this system is the greatest if no one knows about it. We need more convincing forum posts to get people’s attention.

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Nu inherits the same publicity problem from Peercoin, the lack of the public figures and spokesmen.


Didn’t @ronnie say he had a good conduit for getting distribution to press? The overview article last month was really good.

Perhaps writing some reaction to news events, like the Bitstamp issues. Like speaking about best practices for wallet security / coin security How best practice is to not keep funds on the exchanges, and how NuBits is a great stable store that can keep uninvested funds off exchanges.

That, combined with multisig support, empowers a coinholder to mitigate risk.

(Speaking of, is there any simple tutorial we have for an end user to do multisig in the client?)

With volume hitting over 2 million and achieving 2nd in all volume its clear Nu gets some attention but Raythma makes a good point about the lack of a public figure


One person with the traits of Andreas Antonopoulos would be enough :).

Yes i agree, but there isn’t any :confused:

I agree, that’s great, but then, compare PayCoin’s trading volume with NuShares’. PayCoin is a scam, but they have great marketing. Imagine what NuShare’s market cap would be if NuShares had PayCoin’s marketing. I believe that NuShares would easily increase its market cap by 10x if it reached the speculators. The speculators and the high market cap would in return convince stores to accept NuBits.


We have a blog that will be starting (hopefully) sometime this month. We’re in the process of planning content and recruiting authors. I expect some writers will choose to cover current events in the cryptoeconomy.

I would hope that our community realizes that Peercoin is failing (as far as price is concerned) because it has no true value proposition, not the lack of someone aggressively speaking about it. PPC does not store value reliably, it no longer has the benefit of being the only PoS implementation, and its community spends more time talking about potential projects than actually implementing them. As the Nu ecosystem grows I expect that many other projects and leaders (such as Ronny at CCEDK) will be speaking about the advantages they’ve found by using NuBits.


We have a marketing roadmap thread widely available to all community members. What in particular about our roadmap do you find to be ineffective?

It would be fraudulent to imitate the “promise-the-world” marketing done by so many failed projects (BitBay is a recent one, PayCoin will be similar). Nu has succeeded because every step of the way we’ve made no promises or assurances. Today’s top five in trading volume features:

  • Bitcoin (Established 2009)
  • Ripple (Established 2004-2013, depending on your reference point)
  • Litecoin (Established 2011)
  • Dogecoin (Established 2013)
  • NuBits (Established about 100 days ago)

I find it concerning to read “Nu marketing is failing” posts when the most important metrics (trading volume in particular) suggest that the Nu project has been a massive success. If you have suggestions about ways to improve our marketing focus I’d enjoy reading them in the marketing roadmap thread. Stage 2 planning will be beginning in the next week or two, which will feature more aggressive business development activity.


Link to the Nu Roadmap thread: Nu Marketing Roadmap

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I just found it frustrating when they mentioned NuBits in a podcast about volatility but the reason was that it was listed on and they totally missed that Nu mission is to solve volatility. They had probably done some research on volatility before that podcast and totally missed Nubits, which is sad and a missed opportunity for Nu. I just posted a comment on that here

I don’t know anything about marketing and I don’t want to be negative and push you guys down. I just read the marketing roadmap and it’s very professional, honest and seems to be smart. I apologize for bashing on it before reading the roadmap.


Thanks for posting on the podcast channel. Those types of activities will be much more widespread in Stage 2 of our marketing roadmap. Our marketing video is finalized and awaiting inclusion on sometime in the next few days. Once it is available, I will be shifting focus to establishing business development activities that will increase our overall brand awareness.

Your initial post was correct though - NuShares will be a primary driver of NuBits adoption, because the broader cryptoeconomy is based on speculation right now. Luckily, NSR are doing very well too. Jordan Lee made a post about a month ago commenting on just how remarkable the growth of the price of NSR had been. It’s worth noting that the price today (0.007442 NBT) is currently more than double what Jordan Lee refers to, even in a severe, prolonged Bitcoin bear market. For many of us it’s easy to forget just how much has been accomplished in our first 100 days. 2015 will be the year of stable-value digital currencies, and NuBits will be at the forefront of discussions.


They have removed my comment from . If they thought my comment was incorrect they should have replied to it, now they are just trying to hide their mistake which makes me believe that it wasn’t a mistake to leave NuBits outside the discussion.
I’ve just written and asked them on Twitter about this.

Edit: The comment is now listed again and they have even responded.


Our marketing video is finalized and awaiting inclusion on sometime in the next few days.

I honestly squealed.

How to find NuBits on CMC or similars, the Easiest way :
Sort by Trade Volume, it is always there.

Here’s your public face :smile: Great job Ben!

@mange @Ben


I told @Ben h’es going to need a pair of sunglasses now that the interview is out :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha, yes, this is exactly what I was missing! I’ve listened on it and @Ben is very trustworthy, great job!