[Passed] The Nu Lagoon Custodian Fee Request of June 2015

Dear Shareholders:

With the support and help from the community, the Nu Lagoon has successfully operated for another 4 weeks. The accumulated Custodian Fee is 1614.596 NBT for Pool A, 188.661 NBT for Pool C and D.

I would like to request shareholders to grant custodian fee to the pool.

BHQJN5NnDimvTC9Md6a3Lc8sNkHGiizTMo , 1803.26 NBT

Thank you in advance.

The Nu Lagoon manage team



I’m considering globally pinning threads devoted to custodial grants that are owed according to prior shareholder motion as well as custodial grants and motions that have at least 10% support in ongoing voting.

This will help to ensure important voting items don’t escape shareholders’ attention.

What does everyone think of this practice?

I see, yes this appears to me to be a good practice. If they turn red continuously for a long time though (like 30 days or something), they should be unpinned despite a high percentage.


yes, pin is useful to these kind of threads.


This grant passed.