[Passed] Promoting Nubits to internet payment processors, exchanges, and gateways

Not really, waste of time… Prefer to get it right the first time.
That’s why you get my questions :wink:

Sounds like we have some people identified who may respond and some tasks and success factors identified.
That is a good start. Can I assume this motion as a question from the Shareholders to the people you mentioned and Jordan as the lead? Normally I’m not keen to coerce people into something they might not be willing to do, although they are getting paid by the Shareholders so they are answerable I suppose. And I still think that what you propose is worth doing.

Therefore I will add your motion to my datafeed.

That is our difference. I assume the team manager is answerable to the shareholders. You think his individual members are.

That answers exactly what the motion is asking, “Should this be done? By these steps?”.

I don’t disagree, I think you are right however I’m not intimate on how the work is managed. When JL dishes out all the jobs on behalf of the Shareholders then you are right, which is likely from what I’ve seen to date. It only begs the question why you didn’t direct your motion straight to JL in the first place.

Because I trust the Nu Team manager will use his judgement to carry out what needs to be done, given all the contraints and priorities of tasks at hand, once the Shareholders’ wish is shown as the motion passes. I specified what “the Nu marketing manager” and “the Nu team” to do in the motion when official voice and action is needed to be shown, and that should be enough.

In fact the Shareholders don’t pay the Nu Team members. The manager does. It’s a relevant point.

This probably should go to a different thread.

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I think it is a very important point.

This motion has passed.

@assistant motion vote 3ca45d3b51b92cac1e8e58b1b515f14bfec44973


Bright news

At one time I saw it getting more than 70% blocks. Thanks everyone who voted!


Can you please outline the expected course of actions?

What I think a logical course of actions are, as listed in the motion, is -

1 Prepare the Nu Exchange Integration Guide

  • Discuss the Nu Exchange Integration guide improvement here.
  • Formulate an LPC grant proposal template here.

I hope @tomjoad can take an active role in the abve steps.

2 Contact a list of selected PEGs

  • Determine the first-round contact list based on discussions of the near and mid term plan.
  • I hope @tomjoad can draft the email / message to send to the PEGs because he writes so well.
  • Send the messages presumablly by tom

3 Help the PEGs to integrate Nubits

I think the tech staff of PEGs will ask questions in the forum or send PM/emails to Nu team developers. Nu team developers should actively help them out.
The complexity of integration should be much less than that to cryptoexchanges because most PEGs don’t allow users to ask/bid. There is no orderbook.

4 Contact more potential partners

Based on experience of the first round of contacting and integrating, contact more PEGs, again presumablly by @tomjoad.


I’m happy to work directly with @mhps on implementing his vision in the steps above. I will always follow the instructions set by NuShareholders when they pass a motion requesting my involvement with an initiative.


Hi @creon

Here are the details for the Motion Vote on 3ca45d3b51b92cac1e8e58b1b515f14bfec44973:

Blocks: 5354 (53.540000%)
Share Days: 2228315646 (55.026852%)

This is great.

In step 1 of the course of action, I have submitted the suggested change of Nu Exchange Integration guide. Can @Ben please go on with the LPC grant proposal template thread?

It’s important to start step 2 of the action now.

@tomjoad could you please go through the two lists of PEGs in section 2 of the near-term plan post and check every of them tp see if there is a contact address suitable for sending a Nubuts integration request? Note that some of them don’t accept US customers so a non-US proxy is needed to browse the site from the US. Please post what you find out in this thread as how many of them have a contact point.

The purpose of doing this is that with the information gathered a list of “first contact” can be made, and the message to them can be drafted. Although all messages will have the common parts (1 introduce Nubits, 2 invite to integrate Nubits, 3 point to the integration guide. 4 welcome to ask questions to the dev team by PM or in the forum), I suspect the message might need to be slightly tuned for different type of PEGs. So I think it’s important for @tomjoad to go through them and get a handle.


Several other issues have taken my attention but I’m starting in on this now. Hope to have something presented for you here in the next 24 hours.


No problem. Thanks for letting the community know. You are doing great.

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Any progress @tomjoad ? I know you get a lot of things to do. I think it will be efficient if you could start with a few of the PEGs and if you encounter problems you can report here so the community could spend time on them.


This took way longer than I expected. I’ve compiled about 20 different providers, most of whom do not have email addresses listed (instead, they have support tickets to be filled out to contact customer service). This includes many that I did secondary searches through gethuman.com.

In my research today I came across this website: https://www.about-payments.com/knowledge-base/providers

I think it’s a treasure trove of everything we need as far as contact information and company information goes for online payment providers. Could you take a look at it and see if it will suit your needs for this project? If this was posted somewhere and I missed it, my apologies.

You can search by payment type. A sample company profile for Skrill is here, and a contact email is included: https://www.about-payments.com/knowledge-base/provider/skrill

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Great find, @tomjoad ! I think we have to look for businesses that are already offering crypto so that integrating nubits isn’t too technical challenging.

I did a search https://www.about-payments.com/search?query=bitcoin and find the following providers (together with a lot of news items):

bips (acquired by coinify)

I think with the emails you have found and the above it is enough for a first run. It’s not a bad idea to start with a smaller step to get feed back quickly and possiblly adjust our strategy.

When a few of the PEGs successfully integrated Nubits, they will become models for those we can’t contact to see, who may even to reach out to us.

@tomjoad, has there been any progress? Can you start to draft the message to candidate PEGs according to the suggestions, and post it here?

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