[Passed] Motion to join Peercoin FLOT - Cybnate

In response to the need of PPC reserve multi-signer diversification, I also like to make myself available to join Peercoin FLOT.

I’m Cybnate (@cybnate), a Peercoin holder since late 2013 and a NuShareholder right from the start. I’m also a long time community member in both Peercoin and Nu communities. I’m contributing to this forum almost every day and actively participating as a datafeed provider, ALP operator, running nodes for Peercoin and Nu and supporting the NuDroid infrastructure. Besides that it comes natural to me to be heavily invested in NuShares and BlockShares, which I am while still maintaining a modest stake in Peercoin.

The following is the official motion in which I, Cybnate propose my services as a paid member of the Peercoin FLOT group. I thought it would be advantageous for voting and comparison purposes to stay close to the competing motion from @cryptocoiner] [Passed] Motion to join Peercoin FLOT - crypto_coiner. I changed the fee from 190 NBT to 200 NBT and provided the ability to withhold compensation when signing didn’t occur within 48 hours both bolded in the motion below to emphasized the differences between both motions.

Thanks for providing the template.

=##=##=##=##=##=## Motion hash starts after with this line ##=##=##=##=##=##=
With this motion Cybnate will be one of the members of the PPC First Liquidity Operations Team (FLOT). In that role Cybnate will coordinate with other members of PPC FLOT, and members of FSRT if necessary, to defend the peg. Cybnate promises to be a part of PPC FLOT for at least one year and to abide by all shareholder motions governing the use of funds. Cybnate will be able to respond to any request for signing within 48 hours of its proposal; shareholders must be promptly informed of exceptions in which case compensation may be withheld.

Compensation for Cybnate will occur in 90-day cycles, for a total of 4 cycles. By the end of each cycle, a total of amount of 200 NBT shall be paid to Cybnate, conditional on satisfactory performance, which shall be measured in terms of their presence, effort and contribution. Cybnate reserves the right to withdraw from their service if they do not receive the full amount of compensation by the end of any cycle or by their discretion.
=##=##=##=##=##=## Motion hash ends before this line ##=##=##=##=##=##=

Edit: 4-Mar-16
Proposal hashed on Daology: https://daology.org/proposals/338068ac58c3424815968cfa457862a5adfae0b3

Motion hash: a21a63a806cbd0d640f692911c503818c1579b94

Please add the hash to your client or subscribe to my datafeed.

Looking forward to your feedback.


Sounds good to me. Hash it soon plz.

Just published it on Daology as draft. Will hash it in 24 hours when no further comments leading to changes are made.

Sounds good.

By the way how many peercoin flot members do we need?

We have plenty, but spreading the work out more should be encouraged in my opinion. I feel that if this is successful we will seek to have many more multisigs in the future and it would be nice to have a couple more trusted members like @cybnate on board.

Yes I agree. But in case of peercoin FLOT, how many additional members do we need?

The motion says 4 at least, but i would say we should have more. Ultimately it’s up to the FLOT to decide by consensus, hopefully.

I think we need more than 4 too.
I think we have also already 3 volunteers from FLOT to sign peercoin tx.

Just because we have volunteers does not mean we should not elect more. I think it is a good idea to expand FLOT, especially as we intend to expand the reserves.


Proposal hashed on Daology: https://daology.org/proposals/338068ac58c3424815968cfa457862a5adfae0b3

Motion hash: a21a63a806cbd0d640f692911c503818c1579b94

Please add the hash to your client or subscribe to my datafeed. Updated OP with hash.

How to verify this hash?

It is a RIPEMD-160 hash, so you should be able to use e.g. http://hash.online-convert.com/ripemd160-generator

I know this. I spend a lot of my spare time last days trying to recover original text of some of the old motions.

Please, provide base64 encoded text of your proposal.

I recognise the problem and I can probably provide that, but can and should we expect that from all community members from now on? We don’t have easy to use tools like Daology for this, which is already steep for some of us as you need to sign up to Github. Adding a base64 requirement might be a little bit too much. It is also not user-friendly and undesirable to publish those huge amounts of encoded text on a human readable forum.

Maybe we need to raise a grant to add automatic base64 encoding as a feature to Daology?

Cybnate, I like your work a lot and want to vote for this motion but will not until I can’t verify the hash.

Are you saying that you can’t verify the text on Daology with RIPEMD-160?
Anyway, below the base64 encoded text of the motion.


@Mark Daology provides a “raw” button at the top which you can use to pull the raw text that generates the hash. making it very easy to verify the hash through various means.

You can do it directly from the command line on Linux with curl:

curl https://daology.org/proposals/338068ac58c3424815968cfa457862a5adfae0b3/raw | openssl ripemd160

You can also plug the url into a website like http://hash.online-convert.com/ripemd160-generator where it allows you to enter a URL.

We’ll look into adding more ways to easily copy the raw text (such as through a b64 encoded string). For now though you can feel confident that the hash we display on the website (or the one you produce yourself from the raw text URL we provide) is accurate.


Motion template tags from [Passed] Motion to join Peercoin FLOT - Cybnate mislead me a lot. I expected to see them in RAW text from Daology.

Verified. Voted.

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base64 -D base64_encoded_text_you_provided.base64 | openssl rmd160

gives as a result


Do not nibble.

a21a63a806cbd0d640f692911c503818c1579b94 voted.