[Passed] LPC grant request for supporting NBT/USD on CCEDK

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Moved the thread to the custodial grant passed Board


This is the set of active orders right now.


I had to restart Nubot just to make sure that the bot was properly working.

Surprisingly nobody so far has exchanged any nubits for my dollars.
So no trades so far.

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where are the nubits to support your liquidity in USD?

I realized the picture is not displaying entirely the information.
Here is it is

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well I do not have any nubits for sales since nobody has bought any of my USDs.

I am in dual mode anyway.

I think that’s the way to go.

In the picture you can see 20 nbts in sales but they were suppressed by the bot somehow.

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I have suspended the operations till CCEDK gets back online.

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Someone bought some of my USDs before CCEDK got attacked.

I have now:

  • USD 2 977.1516687
  • NBT 2 071.77365574

I will restart the bot on Friday most likely since it seems it is when CCEDK will re-enable trading.


Restarted the bot this morning JST. Tks for your patience.
I have to fix an issue with liquidity submit though.

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By the way, very low liquidity on the buy side right now. But it does not take my 3000 usd on ccedk’s nbt/usd into account that i have right now.
So overall 10000 nbt of Tier1 buy side liquidity.

I could not broadcast liquidityinfo for a while but now it is fixed.

I have BTgryZQ1dQNJYMjm74K3ajdRnDfsCjh3c3" : {
“buy” : 2983.1183,
“sell” : 2071.7737

No trades over the past week.

In light of CCEDK withdrawals impaired I have suspended the operations. I will reactivate them whenever it is possible.

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Thank you for the continual updates @Cryptog.

More than 30 days have passed since I started the operations.
As you may know, I stopped the operations after 3 weeks of operations when I got the news of CCEDK being hacked.
I will take a decision regarding the next step in the next days.
Tks for your understanding.


I have operated the bots for 3 weeks out of the 4 intended in my proposal.
I have decided not to resume operations for the time being until the relationship between Nu and CCEDK gets clarified.
However, I am opened to the idea of resuming operations in the near future but it will be via another proposal.
That is why I would like to give back 125 NBT, corresponding to 1 fourth of the reward that I got originally (499 NBT).
I am thinking about giving them to the Winston Fund or burning them depending on what you think.
Awaiting your inputs.


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