NuShares up 6300% in 6 months

Thanks for your response.
There is no plan for those 700 million NSR to be dumped on the open market. They were created for a sale to BarterTrade who plan to use them to support liquidity on their exchange and as an investment as they believe NSR to be undervalued currently. That deal is taking slightly longer than expected but we are in continued contact with BarterTrade and fully expect the deal to go ahead once the exchange is operational.
I understand your concern that the creation of 700 million NSR could represent a significant dilution. I would agree if the plan was solely to sell them on the open market to raise funds. However the plan is larger than that. By working in partnership with BarterTrade we can work to regain the USNBT 1 dollar peg and significantly increase the value of Nu as an organisation. This in turn will increase the value of NSR as they represent ownership of Nu. As such a large stakeholder, this process is clearly in the interest of BarterTrade.
For now, the funds are held at a multisignature address SkfbmRQHQsceSvEvUqiBe3xRtc2PRWR7tv and will remain there until the deal is finalised. Should the deal fall through, they will be destroyed so no dilution will take place.


Can you explain this further? How will the 700m NSR be used to support liquidity; what exactly does that mean?

I thought the purpose of the grant was to raise funds to help towards restoring the peg, which would mean selling the NSR for BTC to buy NBT. How does that increase rather than decrease NSR value?

I would consider buying a block of NSR (say 100-200K USD) for long term hold on the following terms: My payment will be in the form of transparent buy-and-burn of NBT over some period of time (say 50 weeks, 2% per week).

That way the community can be assured of support for restoring the NBT peg which does not depend entirely on funds being held or managed by the existing team (which is also a plus from the perspective of decentralization).


My understanding is that bartertrade bought the NSR and doesn’t plan to dump them. They paid (or will pay; it is not clear where this BTC payment is or if it has been made) with BTC which will be added to funds available to use for NBT peg support.

As far as how that helps the value of NSR, let’s be honest, until the NBT peg is (at least closer to being) restored at a minimum, NSR is pretty much worthless, notwithstanding the OP here who is claiming something to the effect that being almost worthless is a vast improvement over being virtually worthless, which is all very silly. Step one is to get the basic function working.


The second leg up in this latest NuShare bull market has begun! Possessing extra volatility by design, NSR can go a long way in a bull market, as it did in early 2018.

So UsNBT design for what ? :grin:

Nubit is designed to be a stable coin and should represent the value of one U$.

Need more people trading NSR on SouthXchange

… Follow this :grin:

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More than 4 million Usnbt were pumped, while the peg was lost.

Please update Circulating Supply at Coinmarketcap

How many people out there are trading NSR currently on SouthXchange?

Altilly seems to be dead. NSR deposits doesn’t work. Support is pretty much non existent,

I think that No … only bot trading and report weekendly is virtual … hahaa

I’m trading nsr/nbt on southxchange, providing a decent amount of liquidity to everyone there. I suggest everyone reach out to southxchange and request them to add a usnbt/tusd market because southxchange is in process of removing all usd markets. I believe this will help everyone.

their article on it


We only trade NSR/BTC. It seems all trading activities has stalled. More people need to participate.

Of course 2 sats was my favorite price but 8-9 sats is still a pretty good deal for nsr

If it dumps much further down, I’ll make a considerable purchase.

Ya and it’d be nice if Altilly would fix their NSR wallet.

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Definitely need more activity on SouthXchange for NSR

I am using the nbt I’ve accumulated over the years to provide liquidity for nbt, nsr and tusd in the nsr/nbt market as well as the nbt/tusd market rather than parking right now. My opinion is that currently nsr is a strong buy in btc as well as usd value and I have provided plenty of nsr shares to buy from on the nsr/nbt market.


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