Nu Voting Hot List – Mar, 09 2018

Changed the "Dual side Nubot gateway in Poloniex @zoro - term 2 "
from a grant to a motion.
Sorry for the inconvenience!

Update the ‘NuPool 8 ALPv2’ new address
BAs6fhm6bfJ1b6LGnDQwah1C8frfVjjWhm , 1360 NBT

Please list:


=##=##=##=##=##=## Motion hash starts with this line ##=##=##=##=##=##=

Fund development of NuBox, a Peerbox fork ( with Peerbox functionality extended to cover all Nu specifics like motion voting and data feeds.

When motion passes, I will start working on this and within 4 weeks I will deliver:

  • Standards compliant, GPG signed Debian repository for NuBox (arm and x86_64)
  • Signed Nu wallet binaries with accompanying tools
  • Port of peerbox command with extended, Nu specific commands
  • Documentation on how to install and use NuBox
  • Any feature that users need but I have possibly omitted in this post with condition that it is communicated in first two weeks since motion passes and is not excessive/unrealistic
  • Source code for the full product.
  • Nu version updates for a period of 1 year, as long as they are compatible with existing codebase and don’t require major architectural overhauls.
  • After this period new motion will be started to extend maintenance period.
  • Nu will pay me 4000 NBT upfront for this project.

I will not be dealing with marketing, logo design and website. I propose that the same designer of all other Nu logos design this one too and that projects website is integrated into the rest of the project properly.

Address: BJ8vw82j8CTQwzi4QLocyddkgVtPkrcHXz
Amount: 4000 NBT

=##=##=##=##=##=## Motion hash ends with this line ##=##=##=##=##=##=

Proposal created with by peerchemist for Nu

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It’s up there already :slight_smile:

Please add [Passed] Nu Lagoon Pools Monthly Report & Custodian Fee Request of 17 Mar to 14 Apr 2016
Thank you

You are not able to edit the first post in order to do it? :slight_smile:

Wiki posts can’t be edited by everybody (which I consider good with regard to preventing vandalism to some degree).
Nagalim inserted the grant and I adjusted the title, though :wink:

Only users who have attained the “Regular” badge can edit wiki posts. You can see the list below:

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With four active motions for B&C Exchange right now, it is clear we need something like this thread for B&C Exchange.

Should we just divide the original post into two sections, one for NuBits and one for B&C Exchange, or should we create a new thread for B&C that also gets pinned?

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Your wish my command :wink:

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@Nagalim Would you be so kind to add my proposal for macosx builds to the list?

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When adding daology proposal links in the OP, can we please also add links to the Nu discussion thread? I’ve come here looking to find a link to a discussion thread multiple times only to find that only the proposal is linked. It would make things much easier in my opinion.

Sure, thats my doing. I’ll link to discuss instead of daology.

Well, you can link both if you want, but a daology link is usually provided within the thread, so maybe both isn’t necessary. I think it’s just important to see what other shareholders think before making a judgment on a proposal.

@Cybnate s proposal [Withdrawn] 0.6% Maximum Spread for ALP/MLP, 1.2% for Nu Funded Liquidity Operations is missing.

But either @Cybnate (when she promoted the motion to voting) or you (when you recognized it missing) could have updated the OP - it’s a wiki style entry and you should be allowed to edit wiki entries.
Can you please try to edit the OP?

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Yes i know.
I got an unxpected issue with my mobile brower when i tried to edit…

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It’s good to know that it works like it should - at least if you’re not on mobile browser :wink:

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100% Reserve Required For NuBits

@Phoenix do you have the link?