Nu Voting Hot List – Mar, 09 2018

removed NuPond Term 6 vote because it passed.

@CoinGame, this is not pinned globally! It seems to be unpinned!
edit: it seems it was unpinned only for me?!
By clicking at the “pin” i can select it. Perhaps others have the same issue.
I didn’t know this can be selectable!

Anyone can individually unpin items, but it will only unpin it for yourself.

Because I refuse to withdraw the dividend motion and it has been up for 30 days, I have moved it to Nu Voting Cold List

Good idea. I added a link to the cold voting list in the OP, so people can still find these motions without having to search.

Is it possible to put this thread on the top position in “Latest” menu?

It already is. For me it is at least. Where are you seeing it differently?

In my case, only the latest updated thread is at the top.

Did you unpin it accidentally? Even if we globally pin something users can individually unpin it for themselves. Try visiting the page when you’re not logged in and you should see it at the top.

my bad. you fixed my issue. Tks!

Is there any way to make just this thread auto-open to the OP instead of last-read?

Please list NuLagoon’s month fee request. Thank you.

Upating Nupool’s grant address
please make sure you have updated your vote.

NuPool Term 7
**BLn12cB6vag2B4Q1nJeKf3gyt4Zivz84zv **4100 NBT


Motion to create a new Tier 6 (Restricted Network Access) liquidity and redefine original Tier 6 (NSR sales) liquidity as Tier 7



Motion to permit dual side NuBot operation on Poloniex until liqudidy provision could be improved:

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Edited my grand from 0 NBT to 1 NBT since ‘0’ causes trouble!
BJs4YbtaqCmxeHLiR6zzjnZEotYVFAPfMo , 1 NBT

added [Passed] modPuddle Term 3 back pay for 2015-12-12 to 2016-01-11

NuRiver fee address changed. Please reconfigure your votes.