Nu Voting Hot List – Mar, 09 2018

@Sentinelrv is level 3 as well but I can only mention 10 people per post.

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I didn’t realize this was possible. Discourse is amazing! :smiley:

i will do my best :stuck_out_tongue:

added NuBot/ALP grant to OP

Removed “Motion to introduce new NuBits products”; 5febe97664ed02c8d24dbb444b6a9f43f7a8dea9; [Passed] Motion to introduce new NuBits products because it passed.

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Integrated [Passed] Dynamic Fees in NuDroid


added Nu Lagoon

If you aren’t voting for either:


Please be aware that JL will start charging the network for these services this month.
[Passed] Liquidity operations compensation
We will owe JL ~750 NBT this month alone for performing these services.


Agreed with @Nagalim. Let’s get a first step towards T4 and T6 operations done quickly and worry about refining it as we go forward.

I’ve added @ttutdxh’s motion to join FLOT to the hot list.

Edit: I’ve also added @woodstockmerkle’s motion to join FLOT to the hot list.

Edit 2: I’ve also added my own motion to create new NBT logos to the hot list.

Added my own and @cryptog’s motion. Should they be in alphabetical order or by time of publishing? Seemed most fair by time when I don’t know and am adding myself.

Update: Added @JordanLee’s motion for tier 4 sell side liquidity.
Update: Added motion to join FLOT by @masterOfDisaster.
Update: Added motion to join FLOT by @mhps.


Added modPuddle Term 1 back pay for 2015-10-12 to 2015-11-11

Please remove “modPuddle Term 1 back pay for 2015-10-12 to 2015-11-11” from your data feed. Reasoning in the initial post at the beginning. Thank you!

did this lose its global pin?

Doesn’t appear so. Have you clicked on the pin icon? That would unpin it for you only.

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Ah, i see, thank you.

This is not showing up as a universal sticky for me any longer. Is there any reason for that?

Edit: In case that’s not clear, it’s not showing at the top of the forum when I hit latest. Is it like this for anybody else?

Hard to tell as you’ve bump the thread

indeed. All sticky threads are not at the top!

Logging out confirms it is indeed pinned globally.

Strange that multiple people would have this happen around the same time, though. Check out this thread at Discourse Meta:

removed NuPond Term 6 vote because it passed.