Marketing Roadmap - Imagine Nu: 2020

As part of brainstorming for our marketing roadmap, I would like to introduce two unique scenario-writing exercises to the community – Imagine Nu: 2016 and Imagine Nu: 2020

The goal of these exercises will be to write short (or long) scenarios that imagine a future one year from now (2016) or five years from now (2020) where NuBits and NuShares are used.

These types of exercises are common in strategic innovation discovery in the private sector and I’ve used them successfully in my past work. At the conclusion of each scenario you identify a short bullet-point list of opportunities. It is a quick way to identify the partnerships, technologies, and big ideas that are available to be capitalized on. The next step after these scenarios will be to dream of ways to design these new experiences.

Because every member of the community brings a different viewpoint and set of life experiences, sharing a scenario publicly is an effective way of generating actionable discussion.

You shouldn’t need to worry about being criticized for suggesting something unimaginably ambitious, or for suggesting something insignificant. Nor should you worry about the quality of your writing skills. All that matters is that you activate your mind and imagine a future where Nu is used as a tool of value. Any negative comments that don’t add to the discussion of a particular scenario will be quickly deleted, but of course constructive criticism is encouraged.

I hope others will write as they have the time, and will consider making comments about scenarios that others share with the community.

2020: Establishment and beyond.

It have been a while since the last time that Nushares have lost more than 40% of its last price peak, Nushares market cap have exceeded 10 times of the Nubits market cap.

this encouraged shareholders to vote again on the previous motion that didn’t pass back at 2018, to enforce buying/selling Nushares with Nubits through the Nu client, this feature is now included on the last Nu client version.

Other Nushares trading pairs on the centralized exchanged are still there as the exchanges samlessly facilitate this intermediate transactions automatically with the help of the Nu developers, all of this started to add some Buy pressure on the Nubits as every Nushares trade needs some Nubits first.

After keeping 150% reserve ratio for the last 6 months, and the plans to maintain an anti-inflationary peg with the USD$, along with the low transaction fees, wide acceptance of Nubits and many other advantages, Some are expecting that Nubits may be more demanded than any other inflationary and centralized Fiat currency by 2025.

This raises some worries about the effectiveness of the USD$ reserve in resisting the volatility of Nubits purchasing power, other solutions are been discussed on the decentralized NuForum. But after backing the Nubits with Nushares trading, may be Nu network has another temporary backing system to facilitate the future transition -if necessary- between the USD$ reserve and whatever stabilization system available then.

OPPORTUNITIES/TRENDS: Nushares demand, Multible backing system, system establishment, smooth fuctioning, strategic planning,