Liquidity Operations


Daily move to equilibrium this week: 95 USD in BTC
Move to equilibrium in BTC: 0.06553
NSR sold: 1310600


Daily move to equilibrium this week: 95 USD in BTC
Move to equilibrium in BTC: 0.06277
NSR sold: 1255400.00000000


Daily move to equilibrium this week: 95 USD in BTC
Move to equilibrium in BTC: 0.05949
NSR sold: 991500.00000000

Did you consider including the NAV of exchange trading? This has a lot to do with liquidity operations.

@jooize why do you think that ignorance - as it has been taught to you by @Phoenix - is the key to success for a business that is all about trust? You will fail because you don’t give answers. You think you will succeed because you ignore viable questions, as your critics might become silent over time. This won’t happen. You want to reach scale, you say. No trust, no scale, I say! Ignorance doesn’t generate trust, maybe you should reconsider your approach.

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You took a bonus, @phoenix. You took a significant bonus. But please, let us take a moment to balance the books (if you know what that means…): the market cap is, more or less, at an all time low. Most of the things you did have turned out to not be sustainable. If the liquidity you are talking about wasn’t fake, then that means there was serious market interest in NSR because of your outstanding performance as Chief of Liquidity Operations. Obviously, the market interest in NSR (if there was any) wasn’t about your outstanding performance. It was fake volume that @Phoenix created at Poloniex. To be honest, you are not saying that fake volume isn’t part of your arsenal as Chief of Liquidity Operations to drive up NSR liquidity. After all, you are now doing an extremely bad job in bringing liquidity to NSR. And if the volume was based on market interest because of the outstanding quality of you and NSR (no chance for this scenario, to be honest…), then I ask why is the volume these days literally zero? If “the market” recognizes a real crypto champion, it certainly doesn’t matter where this champion is going to be traded. People will sign up and buy it wherever it is available. Nobody wants to buy NSR. I have considered buying NSR a few days ago, and I admit I haven’t bought a single share. In my opinion the price is still too high ranging between 5 to 6 Satoshis. I am not saying that the whole NSR architecture is bullshit. I think it has potential. You are the huge problem. You can pull the trigger and destroy everything whenever you want, even when one could think that NSR hit its bottom. You won’t stop until you sucked the last dollar out of the network. You scam people and you have a majority in the network. A scammer holding a majority of a network leads to people not even investing a penny for a share for a very good reason. The market punishes you. The market doesn’t want NSR. There is no market for NSR.

Have I not responded to most questions? I can’t dedicate my time to answering your questions, though I have a draft addressing a few recent ones.

I will not do that. Anyone can calculate that with same effort using the exchange logs combined with historical Bitcoin values. I’ve updated the logs and (finally) uploaded for Bittrex and Cryptopia.

How rich would that require him to be?


Desperate people play with more money than they could actually afford to lose!

Answer the question with numbers.

Are you going to tell me that this is typical volume volatility? Sometimes a few hundred thousand, and sometimes zero? All coins that suffer from this pattern are pump and dumps but nothing else. If there was any “market” for NSR, volume wouldn’t be 0.72 BTC in 24 hours.

The question is how rich someone would need to be to fake the volume at Poloniex.

You can’t make a netto calculation on that. If you massively fake volume, you will also find people buying into that fake, since they might not have the information a regular forum visitor has.

Can you give a ballpark figure? I agree that volume at Poloniex may have consisted much of traders not aware of Nu.


Daily move to equilibrium this week: 95 USD in BTC
Move to equilibrium in BTC: 0.05875
NSR sold: 1175000.00000000

Thank you.
For you it would be one look at the BTC and NBT, multiplying the BTC with the USD rate and adding/subtracting deposited/withdrawn funds.
If you think this tedious work of plowing through exchange transaction logs and aligning it with withdrawals/deposits is better offloaded from the “Vice Chief of Liquidity Operations” to unpaid personnel, I conclude that there’s no interest in real transparency and the smoke screening goes on.
At least I feel more enlightened now.

At recent Poloniex trading fees of 0.15%/0.25% for makers/takers, it costs 0.4% of the faked volume in fees. $100,00 cost you $400 fees.

Anyone interested in the potential or likely losses from exchange trading, read.


Daily move to equilibrium this week: 108 USD in BTC
Move to equilibrium in BTC: 0.06896
NSR sold: 1149333.33333333

That’s an abstract calculation. Thank you for the transparency.

Anyone interested in the concrete values look here

or in successive posts dealing with funds at exchanges.

If the deposits/withdrawals with their respective USD values are reported together with the funds at exchanges, one may calculate the trend of the NAV.
That’s one potential step forward!


Daily move to equilibrium this week: 108 USD in BTC
Move to equilibrium in BTC: 0.06836
NSR sold: 1139333.33333333