Liquidity Operations

Can’t the chief do as he pleases? :wink:
I mean, he’s the chief by election.
This also means he must be right, because shareholders don’t err, which can be seen at the track record of…
…wait a second :slight_smile:

Policy is not to sell more than 2 M NSR below 70 satoshi.

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2 M NSR sold into buy wall.

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Thank you for the clarification. After reading @Phoenix’s dictate on the issue, I was misunderstanding since there wasn’t any planning made public in the event the pumped up prices were to fall below 70 satoshis again.

It is pretty misleading, though, and will only fuel more speculation of shenanigans.

Should we assume the most recent policy update from the Chief is outdated and not relevant anymore?

Nushare holders have lots to look forward to with the daily sell pressure set in place… Shouldn’t you be supporting the NSR price? If you put as much time and focus into supporting the NSR price like you do NBT, we would have happy shareholders, larger community, and a healthy NBT peg.

Higher NSR price —> More return on NSR sales ----> Stronger NBT peg

or you could just keep selling NSR for below 70 satoshis until Nu completely fizzles out and dies.

The rebels tried exactly this approach in late May and June, despite the strongest prohibition of the approach by shareholders and vehement opposition from architect @JordanLee. The result was US-NBT went straight from $1.00 to under $0.20 while NSR went from 500 satoshis to 70 satoshis. About 700 million NSR were spent repairing the damage from the reckless and unauthorized experiment.

Directing liquidity operations effectively and efficiently requires expertise very few have. Amatuers have a very difficult time getting a grasp of how it works, and the misunderstanding can sometimes result in frustration.

They do have a lot to look forward to, actually. With the new reserve policy set to pass in a few days, it looks like only about an additional $100,000 needs to be raised to fill the reserve to the mandated level. This can be done with US-NBT sales just as easily as NSR sales. That is what we ought to make happen. If we saw sales of 150,000 US-NBT this week, we would see NSR buybacks next week. Stated another way, if we can just grow the US-NBT supply to half of what it was 6 months ago, we will have NSR buybacks.

If people will stop the doom and gloom and get to work promoting our product, a turn around in the NSR supply could occur very quickly.

If you stop the pump and dump and get to work improving your product, a turn around in the NSR rate could occur very quickly.

You need revenue.

And please never make such a silly NSR buyback again. I hope that I misunderstood “a turn around in the NSR supply”.

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2 M NSR sold into buy wall.

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I tried to run @mhps’ calculator (

but it failed with error code
"Failed to get balance from"

So I base my calculation on information that’s a bit over two weeks old, which should be enough for the cause.

With a NSR sell rate of 2 M per day and expecting that the rate will stay near 60 Satoshis, the NSR sale provides Nu with 1.2 BTC per day.

At current BTC rate the 496,611 NBT equal 822 BTC or 635 days of NSR sale.
It will take only close to 2 years to gather enough BTC to back the NBT in circulation.

Don’t you see how ridiculous that is?

Oh, by the way this sale would add 1,370 M NSR to the NSR in circulation, which would more than double the amount of NSR in circulation.
It’s pretty safe to say that continuing the NSR sale over almost 2 years will push the NSR price below 60 Satoshis.

After having lived off the assets you received for selling NBT (customers), you now live off selling NSR (shareholders).

Go and get revenue!

I seriously ask: where shall that lead to?
What’s the point you are trying to make?
That you can keep the system running for some more time until it finally collapses?
Are you still dreaming of a “liquidity (consuming) engine” or will you transform this into a business?

I know… doom, gloom, negative, write on paper, flush down toilet.
I will somewhere along the way stop writing here. But I’m not doing you a favor when I stop. I’m doing you a favor now.

So you are proposing to skin customers and shareholders once again - just in case you find customers who buy NBT from Nu?

Needless to say that anybody who has enough funds could easily buy cheap NSR now, buy NBT later, see the BTC being wasted on NSR buybacks, sell the NSR in the buybacks, dump NBT on the market, wait for the peg to break and buy cheap NSR once more when Nu stubbornly makes the same mistake again.
Rinse and repeat.
Does that sound familiar?

The quickest way to promote the product is to get new shareholders and investors backing it and spreading the word. A trend reversal is needed to achieve this. Nobody likes to talk about their poor-performing investments (Nushares). Would you invest your money into shares of a company that show a continuous decline since inception?

Further dilution of shares and constant sell pressure will not entice investors to back this product. The funds willing to buy NSR will eventually dry up. The purpose of shares is to not only fund the company for ongoing and future improvements, but to also make your backers happy by providing them a return on their investment. This creates a snowball effect of both positivity and strong capital for the Nu community. We won’t need to have NSR buybacks if we stop this sell pressure and dilution and allow NSR to organically grow like it wants to. NSR could easily grow to 500 satoshis if we allow this. How much more BTC could we raise to support the peg if NSR was at this level?

Im sure it is probably more complicated than this, but sometimes the answers are hiding in plain sight.

~ NuShare holder

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What word would you spread? That Nu isn’t sustainable? Or do you think of a baseless pump?
Would you like to sell NSR at a better rate?

No and I will only change my mind, if Nu managed to implement revenue in its business.
I would invest money in a business that has a development fund and revenue on its agenda.
Nu has close to no development fund and no revenue on its agenda.

The answers aren’t hiding in plain sight.
I write the most important of it over and over.
Revenue, revenue, revenue, revenue…

Once you have revenue, people will want to buy NSR.
But all proposals for revenue have either been ignored or fought.

As a share holder that invested my BTC to help this company, I can choose to do whatever I want with my shares. If I want to sell them to see a return on my investment at first sight of growth, I can. If I want to hold onto them for years and hope for an even larger return, I can do that too. The idea is to create stable growth in the value of shares which will in-return provide a stable, constant revenue stream for Nu. This is the type of product people will continually back and provide “revenue” for in the form of share buying.

Does revenue not come in the form of selling NSR shares? I am proposing a different structure of NSR sales to encourage the growth of this product rather than hinder it. I believe Nu is short selling itself selling at these rates. How much lower shall we make the price? Take it all the way down to zero sats?

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NSR are equity of Nu and therefore its issuance is recorded as part of the equity reserves in the balance sheet.
Proceeds from sold equity (shares) can’t be accounted as revenue, but as assets instead.

But I know that Nu not only has no revenue, it also has no accounting.
Or do you find anywhere a report following GAAP or IFRS?

If you want to have a quick overview, look at the seven parts here:

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2 M NSR sold into buy wall.

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The peg is restored, why continue to sell NSR?

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How many assets on buy side (BTC) does Nu have?
How much of the buy side at Poloniex is from Nu?
How much BTC does Nu need to exchange with Nulagoon to allow Nulagoon pay customers their BTC out?

Depending on the answers there might be some reasons to continue NSR sale?

To build our reserves to the mandated level. Right now, our mandated reserve percent is around 46%. I am hoping @mhps will give us a current calculation of our money supply soon, but we aren’t near 46%. We are probably at a little less than 10% reserves, as a percentage of the money supply.

When the reserve is full, NSR sales will stop. As soon as the reserve exceeds the requirements, NSR buybacks will begin.


2 M NSR sold into buy wall.

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Just for clarification and transparency: My understanding is that Nu sells 2 million NSR a day to build reserves.

Apart from the daily NSR sales, does Nu also keep NSR on the sell side books on Poloniex?

all nu blockexplorers are down. can’t run the calculator.