Configure this FTP FTPES and SFTP server for Windows

If you need to configure an FTP, FTPES or SFTP server on Windows operating systems, a recommended alternative is to use the freeFTPd software.

This China Email List program will allow us to create a very configurable FTP server, and very quickly and easily, without having to have in-depth knowledge of networks or systems. This freeFTPd is completely freeware and if we use FTPES or SFTP, we will be guaranteed communication security using data encryption.

To install freeFTPd, the first thing you need to do is download the installer from the.

Once downloaded we will have to run the installer and during installation it will ask us which components we want to install. You should choose the only option that allows you, which is " that is, the complete installation.

Once the installation is complete, a pop-up window will appear telling us that if we want to generate the private keys now we must answer yes, this way we can connect via secure protocols such as FTPES and SFTP to the server itself. Then it will ask us if we want to start the freeFTPd service, we also have to answer yes. And with that, we would have already installed the server on our computer.

The first time we run FreeFTPd, we will find a window with a menu on the left with different options and on the right a window with the selected option. Being the first time we’ve run this, in this case it looks like the FTP and SFTP servers are disabled because they haven’t been set up yet.

We will go through the various menus from top to bottom.

In this menu it shows us the status information of the FTP and SFTP server, apart from that we can also see the version of the server we are using at the bottom. In this case, the version is 1.0.13.

In this menu we have to configure all the FTP options, in addition it is divided into another submenu called SSL, where we have to configure the FTPES secure protocol. Let’s see what options we have in FTP.

This option is used to specify how many seconds should pass before a timeout error is returned. If we leave it at 0, we assume that there is no limit on the number of seconds that should pass.

Here we can choose a file with txt extension, inside which we can have a written message that will be displayed to the user every time he connects to a client on the configured FTP server.

Here we can select a file with txt extension, inside which we can have a written message that will be displayed to the user when he disconnects from the FTP server.
This option allows you to specify the directory of the FTP server. Shows us the server status.

Right next to it, we have the button To start the server in case it crashes or "Stop "to stop it in case it starts. The first time we start it, if we are using Windows 10, we will get a warning from the firewall to allow access to freeFTPd.